In the end, client satisfaction is our top priority.  Quality workmanship, effective project management and on-going communication with our clients is key to a successful project.  Here's what some have to say about their experience working with Singletrack Builders.
  • We loved working with Tom when we bought our house in Boulder and couldn't be more pleased with our purchase.  This is probably the most thoughtfully designed house we have ever lived in.  The finishes are beautiful and the construction solid.  Attention to detail went far beyond other houses we looked at even in a higher price range...and everyone loves our house.  When we threaten to move closer to our daughter's school our friends say.  How will you find a house like this?  And they are right, we'd have to get Tom to build our house in Lafayette!
Pat and Rick, Boulder

  • Singletrack Builders has been the best, finishing our house above expectations within reasonable costs and a short time-frame. Because Tom has built homes from scratch, he knows about the building process from start to finish, has built good relationships with regular subcontractors and knows where to get the best deals for materials. We knew nothing about home construction but with Tom, finishing our house became the least stressful part of buying a half-built house with soon-to-expire building permits. We could never have been able to purchase and finish our dream home without Singletrack. Thank you, Tom!  We highly recommend Singletrack’s  services and would be happy to talk with anyone about our experience.  
Hyubert & Rebecca, Boulder
  • Working with Tom has been a real pleasure.  Tom not only got our project done on budget but with an attention to quality that few have.  We look forward to working with him again.  Thanks Tom for the great job!
Gage and Brenda, Boulder